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Trysil RMM: – Always available when help is needed

The road marking company EKC Sweden has years of experience being a customer of Trysil RMM.

“Over the years, we have seen several technical updates, and Trysil RMM improve our situation every time”, vehicle manager Johan Långström at EKC Sweden says.

Johan Långström has for many years been an operator of road marking vehicles with equipment and technology from Trysil RMM. He recently started as vehicle manager. This gives him deep knowledge of Trysil RMM both as a company and as a supplier of technological road marking equipment.

Super service

And his impression of the Trysil-company has not changed over the years.

“No, I’ve always thought they were good. The absolute best thing about Trysil RMM is the service they provide to customers. Every time we have trouble with anything, a solution is never far away”, Långström says.

The Swedish company have used equipment and technological solutions from Trysil RMM for as long as Långström can remember, and he has never driven anything but Trysil machines. The reason is simply that Trysil RMM has managed to develop products and new technology over the years, which Långström is very pleased with.

Pleased with the development

“I feel their development has been very good. During the years they have upgraded their Linecontroller twice with a lot of improvement each time. And that’s probably what I think is the best about Trysil, they always get better when developing new solutions and technology. They have also developed new equipment along the way”, he says.

“I also think the people in Trysil RMM are easy to deal with. They understand problems quickly and help quickly. Trysil RMM are easy-going people, and you almost always get hold of someone, no matter when you call. It is very important to us, because we want to stand still as little as possible”, Långström emphasizes.

And there is one thing he is particularly pleased with.

“That is what we call the ‘drop-on line’, which is a special road marking line type. They are the best in class here”, he says.

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Johan Långström / EKC Sweden

Easy to learn technology

Långström’s days at EKC Sweden has changed quite a bit on fact that he now has the position as vehicle manager. While he previously drove the road marking trucks, he is now involved in building and maintaining them.

“I still have a lot to do with the trucks, as we buy a lot of new trucks. We assemble quite a lot of equipment on them as well. This means that I am now involved from the ground up when we build and equip new cars”, Långström says.

He is also very satisfied with the easy usage of technology from Trysil RMM.

“Their entire system for marking roads, I find very easy to use and easy to learn. When we hire new drivers, the teaching and training goes very quickly”, he says.

“The technology does a good job. It is economically efficient, and it paints correctly. I find the whole system quite effective”, adds Långström.

“Is there anything you think they should improve?”

“Nothing I can think of straight away, but I guess there is always something. I would like to believe that this is something they work on all the time, to make everything better and more cost efficient”, he concludes.