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Trysil RMM will show “The piano” at ATSSA

ATSSA Convention & Traffic Expo will take place in Phoenix, Arizona in February, and Trysil RMM will be there to create excitement around the printer. The section of the printer called “The piano” will be central.

The Trafficprinter® is developed and designed by Trysil RMM. The machine allows operators to print any sign or symbol on the road and is the world`s first truck-mounted printer.

“The printer as a whole will still be the center of attention with videos and word of mouth”, Marily Saulsbury, the sales representative of Trysil RMM in USA says.


The exhibition will be an interactive experience for customers and visitors to the Trysil RMM booth, where they can get to know “The piano”, which is a section of the printer that houses the flaps that release paint.

“They will be able to choose a symbol on the screen that is usually mounted in the cabin and watch the flaps open as they would during the printing process”, she says.

Marilyn is really excited to let you know that Trysil RMM will have the booth across from MRL, which have three booths showing a lot of their products. Trysil RMM collaborate with MRL´s sales team to streamline the process of amongst other things get the traffic printer approved in each of the American states.

Back and forth

“This is an exciting placement for us as we can send customers back and forth between the two booths to explain our partnership and show our technology and the trucks the technology will be mounted on”, Marilyn says.

Trysil RMM have booth number 554, and MRL have the booths 450, 550, 650. Marilyn will be one of three representatives from Trysil RMM at ATSSA. The other two is Erik Bakken and Jon Kjetil Jutulstad. ATSSA will be held Feb. 17-21, 2023.

“We are attending ATSSA to further spread word about the traffic printer and to gain more traction in the US market. We will be working alongside MRL who will be in a booth across from us. We hope that future customers will be intrigued further by seeing MRL’s machines in person alongside Trysil RMM’s technology”, she says.

Best foot forward

She also says that this convention is essential for Trysil RMM.

“More so this year than last. We need to put our best foot forward to get people on board for the upcoming demos of the printer which will likely happen in summer, perhaps fall 2023”, Marilyn says.

“We hope to get more people interested and spread excitement about the technology”, she adds.

Last year, with the convention being on the east coast, Trysil RMM got a lot of visitors coming from southeastern and northeastern states. This year, the convention is located in phoenix, Arizona.

“We anticipate getting a much different crowd this time around which will include more west coast states. Between last year and this year, we hope to have been able to reach a majority of our future customer base”, she says.



American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) represents the roadway safety infrastructure industry with effective legislative advocacy, traffic control safety training and a far-reaching member partnership under the slogan “Safer Roads Save Lives”.


MRL is a Montana based company that specializes in building and distributing road marking machines. They are one of the leading distributors in this industry within North America. MRL will build the striping trucks and we will mount the traffic printer on the MRL trucks.


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