Pre-marking Equipment

Purpose built pre-marking vehicle

Typically, it is the road owner who establishes guidelines for road marking lines, including the type and location in the roadway. Our approach focuses on equipping vehicles with advanced technology to ensure precise and efficient execution of the road marking process. All necessary functions are monitored and controlled from the driver’s cabin, providing operators with full control over road marking. A road marking vehicle lays the foundation for the rest of the road marking process, and understandably, high precision and execution are desired in road marking work.


The vehicle is equipped with a controller that includes a monitor, a sighting unit, paint guns, and a high-pressure pump. This comprehensive equipment enables operators to maintain high quality and accuracy in road marking work. We also offer optional additional features, such as a sighting laser at the front of the vehicle, providing extra precision and accuracy in the placement of road markings.


Another optional feature is a code writer that can be mounted on the back of the vehicle. This provides unique identification codes or other information for road markings, which may be necessary for maintenance or future references. This customization demonstrates our commitment to offering tailored solutions to meet the road marking needs of our customers.


Our approach to road marking focuses not only on compliance with guidelines but also on integrating advanced technology to enhance position, efficiency, and flexibility in road marking processes. This ensures not only the high quality of our work but also keeps pace with the ever-changing requirements and standards of the industry.


At Trysil RMM, we use laser sighting systems from Tieto Oskari Oy in Finland and Laserline in the USA. Tieto Oskari Oy has decades of experience in road marking systems, ensuring high quality and operational efficiency. They offer products for various parts of the road marking process and have two different lasers. Tieto Oskari Oy employs intelligent technology for the best expertise in various types of measurements and control systems. Both companies are leaders in their technology and are innovative. Read more here.