City Truck

The City Truck is a handling vehicle equipped with a cooking pot ranging from 400 to 1200 liters, providing a wide range of choices and the flexibility to customize it for your specific needs. The lowered rear ramp on the truck is designed with ergonomics in mind, ensuring comfortable and practical working positions for operators. The access door comes in several variations, including hydraulic, air-operated, or manual, catering to different preferences and requirements, offering flexibility and user-friendliness in any work situation.


The oil burner, with a separate diesel tank, serves as a reliable source of heat for the cooking pot. The truck delivers both hydraulic and electrical power, providing operators with the necessary energy to carry out tasks with precision and efficiency. Additionally the City Truck includes a stand for hand tools, a heating cabinet, an air drum, and a glass bead tank with a discharge valve, offering a comprehensive range of features for various road marking needs.


The temperature in the cooking pot and the stirring mechanism is controlled from the driver’s cabin, ensuring a simple and practical management of processes. To protect against weather conditions, the City Truck can be equipped with a cover, providing operators with a comfortable working environment regardless of the weather. In exposed locations, this solution not only provides a safer working environment for operators but can also enhance efficiency.


The City Truck represents more than just an advanced handling vehicle; it is a complete solution that considers operator needs, efficiency, and reliability. This investment not only improves work processes but also enhances productivity and the quality of road marking work.


We offer outstanding service at every level and provide support! Learn more about all types of service and support here. Additionally, we offer a telematics system for all our road marking machines. The telematics system provides smart solutions at various stages of the road marking processes. Read more about our telematics system here. We have a strong collaboration with our customers and tailor solutions to their needs.

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