Pre-heating Truck

At Trysil RMM we build fully customized preheater trucks. We offer preheating kettles for thermoplastic paint in different sizes and volumes. The kettles’ agitators are driven by hydraulic engines, and the heating is applied indirectly by heat transfer oil and 220V oilburner. To maxi[1]mize the available capacity on the truck, the preheaters can be mounted side by side or in a row.

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  • Trysil Maskin Pre-heater trucks are special built trucks and are solely designed to prepare and pre-heat road marking materials.
  • 26 ton / 3 axl truck: max capacity 3x 1200 litres pre-heater tanks
  • 32 ton / 4 axl truck: max capacity 4x 1200 litres pre-heater tanks
  • Crane and filling silos for big bag
  • Hydraulic mixer with speed and rotation controls both from truck cabin and by the tanks
  • Hydraulic and electrical power from truck engine or external powerpack
  • Thermoplastic pump for filling operation, with filling capacity up to 200L/min
  • RPM/TimerController for agitator.
  • Hydraulic operated heated-oil pump system, for heat circulating throughout truck
  • Movable filling tubes with heat-oil jacket