Pre-heating Truck

At Trysil RMM, we specialize in constructing custom-built cooking trucks. We offer thermoplastic cooking pots in various sizes and volumes to cater to your specific needs. The stirring mechanisms of the cooking pots are powered by hydraulic motors, and indirect heating is applied through a hot oil mantle and a 220V oil burner. To maximize the available capacity on the truck, the cooking pots can be mounted side by side or in a row on the truck body. Temperature control and stirring are managed from the driver’s cabin.


These cooking trucks are tailor-made for preparing and heating the thermoplastic used in road markings. They come in either a three-axle or four-axle truck configuration, with 3 x 1200-liter heating tanks or 4 x 1200-liter heating tanks, respectively. The crane and silo are adapted for big bags. The hydraulic mixer can be controlled from both the driver’s cabin and the tank, simplifying the process.


With hydraulic and electrical power from the vehicle’s engine or an external source, our system offers efficiency and reliability. The thermoplastic pump has an impressive filling capacity of 200 liters per minute, while the RPM/TimeController ensures precise mixing of the thermoplastic. Our hydraulic hot oil pump system circulates heat evenly throughout the truck, and movable filling pipes provide additional flexibility. This advanced system is designed to maximize productivity and ensure accuracy in the road marking process.


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  • Trysil Maskin Pre-heater trucks are special built trucks and are solely designed to prepare and pre-heat road marking materials.
  • 26 ton / 3 axl truck: max capacity 3x 1200 litres pre-heater tanks
  • 32 ton / 4 axl truck: max capacity 4x 1200 litres pre-heater tanks
  • Crane and filling silos for big bag
  • Hydraulic mixer with speed and rotation controls both from truck cabin and by the tanks
  • Hydraulic and electrical power from truck engine or external powerpack
  • Thermoplastic pump for filling operation, with filling capacity up to 200L/min
  • RPM/TimerController for agitator.
  • Hydraulic operated heated-oil pump system, for heat circulating throughout truck
  • Movable filling tubes with heat-oil jacket