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A New App that allows Road Marking Machine Operators to control their equipment from an app on their phone.

Jama A. Yusuf, an embedded system and software developer at Trysil RMM, has developed a new app that allows road marking machine operators to control their equipment from an app on their phone. “I developed an app that allows operators to start their workday from their cell phone,” Jama said in an interview. “It’s based on IoT technology and fully integrated with a cloud-based Telematics solution, so operators can control and manage their road marking equipment from anywhere using their phone.”

Previously, road marking operators had to go to the truck before starting their workday to preheat the Thermoplastic materials used for road markings. Now, thanks to Jama’s app, they can do that directly from their cell phone and have time for a meal or a walk while the system warms up. “This makes the workday more convenient and flexible for drivers,” Jama said.

The Telematics Suite: A Suite of Technological Solutions

In addition to the app for road marking operators, Jama has been working on a suite of technological solutions that he calls “The Telematics suite”. This includes the new app, an app for administration that allows head office to extract reports from each individual truck and provides them real-time data and a way to manage the tasks given to the operators. The suite also includes an API solution that provides third parties with access to the reporting systems and a service line that allows Trysil RMM to have access to the devices on the trucks, where they can remotely diagnose, update, and fix any issues.

Jama’s Extensive Experience in Embedded Systems and Software Development

Jama has been associated with Trysil RMM since 2005, first as a consultant before becoming a permanent system developer in 2011. “My experience and expertise lie in the field of embedded systems and software development, and I have developed several automation systems and software during that time,” Jama said. In addition to the Telematics solution that he is working on now, Jama has developed the embedded systems and software solutions for the TrafficPrinters, LineController, CodeWriters, and more.

The new app and the Telematics suite are expected to improve the efficiency and flexibility of road marking operations, as well as provide valuable data and insights to operators and managers.