bildet viser folk i et møte og mange rundt

International gathering of Trysil RMM

In September Trysil RMM gathered employees from all parts of the company in Trysil. “We aimed to get to know each other better and have the feeling of being a part of something larger”, general manager Jon Kjetil Jutulstad says.

During only a couple of years Trysil Maskin has transitioned from a relatively small Norwegian company to an international group with a new name – Trysil Road Marking Machines. And it was evident that a gathering of as many employees as possible at the Mothership in Trysil was necessary.

“Trysil RMM Games”

“The idea was to invite all employees to meet here in Trysil, to bring familiarity between our people across borders. We have 50 employees in total in the group, and around 45 showed up. That’s pretty good turnout, I think”, Jon Kjetil says.

The program was a tour of the factory, and the employees were mixed and put into teams of 7. They had a look around and learned more about the company before lunch time. Then there was the “Trysil RMM Games” where teams battled and had fun, with a dinner and socialization in the evening.

The After Party

“The best part of the gathering was the competition “Trysil RMM Games”. While competing we really got to know each other and built a good team spirit. I also think the atmosphere at the after party was awesome”, Aleksi Karppinen from Finland says after attending the gathering.

Aleksi works under the titles of foreman and project manager in The Finnish part of the company. This means he schedules upcoming tasks and distributes those to workers.

“I also try to be a part of the inventing and designing of new products and in problem solving”, he says.

Karppinen very much liked to meet all the colleagues in Trysil RMM.

Picture shows a lot of people

Know who people are

“The trip was good fun and we got to meet all the nice people from other parts of the company. Meeting colleagues makes communication easier and lowers the threshold of contacting each other a lot, because now we actually know who people are”, he says.

Swedish Benny Bergs also enjoyed taking the trip from Falun to meet colleagues from the rest of the company.

“It was nice to see faces of people you’ve only heard of. I have visited Trysil in the past, and then I only had time to say “hello” to some people in passing. Now I had the opportunity to talk a little more with them. It also made the conversation a little more relaxed, and it was very nice to talk to people”, says Bergs.

Sense of security

His responsibility is to handle purchasing and some project management for Trysil RMM AB in Sweden.

“Everyone here in Falun is a bit of allrounders. The company Trysil RMM bought was a mechanic company in the first place, so we also have a lot of local service, in addition to making road marking machines, says Bergs.

He thinks it’s good to be part of a larger company.

“It is, of course, a sense of security. It’s nice to have more people to lean on. Not only in a financial sense, but also in terms of professional experience. Now we have Finnish, Norwegian, and American colleagues. There is growth for everyone in the entire group”, says Bergs.