bildet viser Taito Heikkinen som er daglig leder i Trysil RMM Oy.

Trysil RMM Oy is growing in Finland

Trysil RMM in Finland recently delivered a Trafficprinter to the Finnish road marking company Cleanosol Oy. As Trysil RMM increase sales in Finland, both better safety and technology are building trust.

The Trafficprinter has lots of qualities including hi-tech standards for operating the vehicle. The machinery also implies a huge development within road safety as the machinery is operated from within the truck. That means nobody will be directly exposed to passing traffic.

“Like in any other country, Finnish people are concerned with traffic safety. That is something our Trafficprinter provides, and it immediately becomes a more pleasant working environment, Taito Heikkinen says, director at Trysil RMM Oy in Finland.


Recruitment of younger people

The Trafficprinters are operated by computers, apps and technology that gives an opportunity to work in a high-tech environment.

“This may attract younger people as it involves a more technical job, which is something youngsters look for when they are considering jobs. Now, all the work can be done by a single person”, Heikkinen says.

shows trafficprinter

Cost efficient working methodology

In addition to safety and technological convenience there is also economic efficiency involved.

“There’s good economics in this, both because fewer people are involved in road marking when using the Trafficprinter, and because the symbols are applied much faster with automated application,” Heikkinen points out.

“In fact, the Trafficprinter substitutes hand application with screed box which is a major change for the road marking industry”, he adds.