picture shows Jon Kjetil in Trysil RMM with an italian flag

Breakthrough for Trysil RMM in Italy

Trysil RMM is happy to announce the signing of a contract for delivering road marking machines in Italy. The company Autostrade per l’Italia is purchasing three Thermoliners over the next two years.

“This is a market breakthrough for our technology,” CEO Jon Kjetil Jutulstad of Trysil RMM says.

“Italy is an exciting new territory for us, as we feel our solutions and equipment is well suited for most countries. Our solutions bring road safety and economic efficiency in a high-tech fashion we are proud of”, he adds.


The Italian Mission

Autostrade per l’Italia is considered to be the largest road project owner in Italy, and what Trysil RMM delivers is well suited with what Autostrade per l’Italia says to be their mission.

“Make mobility more sustainable, safe, innovative and efficient to meet present and future needs of the community”, they have stated about their mission in the annual report for 2022.

The Italian company operates motorways on both the east and the west coast of Italy, from Taranto in the south to Milano in the north. Their operating revenue for 2022 was 4,2 billion euro, with a gross operating profit of 2,5 billion euro.

“This is a solid company, and we are very much looking forward to continue doing business with Autostrade per l’Italia in the coming years”, Jutulstad says.

The production and delivery of the vehicles will be carried out by Trysil RMM Oy from Finland.