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The secret behind forty years in business

January of 2022 marks 40 years in business for Trysil RMM AS. Managing Director Jon Kjetil Jutulstad describes an exciting journey leading up to where they are today, with added international interest over the past couple of years. The best part of the story might be how the very founder of Trysil RMM, the now 90 year old Mr. Geir Storjordet, still is able follow the many developments in Trysil RMM from his own home, right next to the office.

“I was working for a company in Oslo, which was where I started working with road marking machines. After some time I decided to move back to my home town Trysil”, Storjordet says.

Geir Storjordet
Geir Storjordet

The journey begins

When Storjordet moved to Trysil in the late 70s, he started Trysil RMM. The following summer, working from an office that was also his bedroom, Storjordet all of a sudden received a large order for 11 machines. This was where the business really took off, and he decided to contract some workers to help complete the order.

“Even though the machines were somewhat smaller compared to today’s large road marking trucks, we built all these machines in one year.  I worked 24 hours a day. Later I built my house and finally got a proper office space. I also had one room where I had my copying machine, called ‘the paper room’, which was actually my laundry room”, Storjordet says smiling.

“I already  sold  road marking  machines outside of Norway my first year of business in 1982, to Iceland and the Faroe Islands. Not long after, I was delivering machines to Romania and Russia, and then to Finland and Sweden”, Storjordet says.

Trysil Road Marking Machine in the Faroe Islands in 1988
Trysil Road Marking Machine in the Faroe Islands in 1988

Focusing on the product quality

The many years in Trysil RMM has provided Storjordet with many unique stories to tell, ranging from hunting whales to being broadcasted on television and radio in the Faroe Islands, just to name a few. Storjordet sold Trysil RMM in 1997, and retired.

Staying in business for 40 years is no easy task, and Jutulstad believes that one of the key elements behind their continual success is how Trysil RMM is a specialist in their market, sticking with what they know best, while focusing on innovation and improvements.

“We have never been the kind of company that tries everything. Instead, we want to stay true to the industry we are in, and do what we know we are good at while looking for new innovative solutions”, Jutulstad says. “I think this really shows how anything is possible, if you want to make it happen.”

When Jutulstad came onboard, he thought it was surprising and interesting how the whole process was ran from the woods of Trysil. Their office has seen many add-ons over the years, as their growth has required more space.

“We’ve been working from the same space for 40 years. I use to say that we are the best kept secret of Trysil, as the area is commonly known for skiing and the nature”, Jutulstad says.

Solvent paint truck manufactured in Trysil in the mid 80’s
Solvent paint truck manufactured in Trysil in the mid 80’s

Long history of high quality

Operating in the same industry for so many years has given Trysil RMM the opportunity to really specialize in what they do, and constantly improve their processes and products. The high quality has resulted in interested customers from several countries, and this international demand is something Trysil RMM wants to continue working with.

“Now we are able to see that customers from all over the world appreciates what we do, which is a really fun process to be part of”, Jutulstad says.

Perhaps the best testimony to the quality of the machines from Trysil RMM is how they are now building a new machine for the Faroe Islands, which will be replacing the machine originally delivered by Storjordet. This means that the original machine has been in service for 33 years.

Living next to their offices, Storjordet is able to keep up with what Trysil RMM is working on, and he frequently comes by to check on the developments. Jutulstad says they often see the 90-year-old founder stopping by on his ATV.

“I guess I did a good job, and got a good reputation. One time I attended a fair, and a competitor came up to me and told me that there was no point for him to try selling machines to Norway, because everyone just wanted to do business with me”, Storjordet says laughingly.

Self-propelled road marking machine operating in Norway in the 60’s
Self-propelled road marking machine operating in Norway in the 60’s