In the middle of the Norwegian forrest, close to the border to Sweden, you’ll find a place called Trysil. Here the winters are cold and snowy, the summer is quiet and filled with all the colours of the wild flowers.

And here we are – Trysil Road Marking Machines. And we have been here for quite some time too…

Because we make damn good road marking machines!

The Trafficprinter® is developed and designed by Trysil RMM.

The machine allows operators to print any sign or symbol on the road and is the world`s first truck-mounted printer.

  • Innovative green technology
  • Automated application
  • Substitutes hand application
  • Cost efficient
  • Environmentally sound

And the best part:

Truck mounted attenuator helps reducing work accidents

Here is some of the things our Trafficprinter® make

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About Trysil RMM

Trysil RMM has produced dependable road marking equipment with advanced technology and high safety for decades!

Our expertice is your security and by choosing us, you’ll be able to take part of all the knowledge and experience we have gotten during more than 60 years developing road marking equipment in one of the most challenging topographics in the world!


We are a company that keeps changing with emerging technology every year.

We have introduced many exciting products, like multiplicator with combined droplet and extruder capabilities, airless paint guns for pre-markers and trucks and hand like robot that can write codes.

We have telematic system and a lot of other products that uses internet of things (IoT)

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