picture of Dag Einar Ånonli and two yellow trucks

Trysil RMM as the «preferred supplier» for Vegmerking Vest AS

Vegmerking Vest AS bought its first road marking truck from Trysil RMM in 2011. Today, four new ones are ready to be delivered, in good time before the beginning of the season. Dag Einar Ånonli, who is both chairman and operations manager for Bergensbedriften, is very satisfied with their supplier.

 -We have probably bought 30 vehicles from Trysil RMM since we started in 2010. They have been just like a royal supplier to us, over all these years, Ånonli says laughingly.


Focus on quality

Vegmerking Vest AS has had an extraorinary growth since its inception in March, just over 14 years ago. Dag Einar Ånonli estimates that the company will have between 45 and 50 employees when the season in full, and that the company turnover will exceed NOK 150 million with good margin this year.

-This is quite far from where we were during our first year of operation. Back then, we were close to hitting the million mark. But we have always focused on quality, and gradually obtained expertise in road marking and other marking tasks this way. All marking jobs are interesting to us. Small and large car parks, parking garages, warehouses, playgrounds, road facilities and everything else that needs marking. Most of our customers live in the western parts of the country, but we also have a good desal of work in the south. Our customers list range from public actors to both small and large companies in the private sector, says Dag Einar Ånonli.

picture og a truck and Dag Einar Ånonli


Advanced and environmentally friendly machines

Quality work means that strict requirements are placed on the material used. Dag Einar Ånonli believes that Trysil RMM supplies equipment that is among the best and most advanced in the world.

-We want to have the most modern and environmentally friendly machines that we can possibly get hold of. Additionally, public agencies uphold strict requirements for the environment and sustainability in their requests for proposal. That is one of the reasons why we regularly invest in new machinery, which ensures the job is completed correctly, and as efficient as possible, says Ånonli.

-It does happen from time to time that we check what other suppliers can offer, but if we are going to choose anything other than Trysil RMM, the offer would have to be significantly cheaper, and this is something we have not yet experienced. In addition, Trysil RMM has very good service, and they to assist at short notice the few times there is a need for that. It does happens that a pump or something breaks, and downtime is a real crisis due to our short season. That is why the close dialogue and good cooperation we have with Trysil RMM is necessary.


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