bildet viser nye bilder til Statens Vegvesen

New pre-marking machines delivered to Statens Vegvesen

Trysil Road Marking Machines has a long and solid partnership with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, better known as Statens Vegvesen. They have delivered products to them for many years, and pre-marker Rune Tranum from Statens Vegvesen says that they are dependent on, and very satisfied with, the products delivered by Trysil RMM.

A partnership with a long history

Tranum has been working as a premarker for Statens Vegvesen for many years, and seen several different versions of the pre-marking machine delivered by Trysil RMM throughout the years. He is pleased that the functionality of the machines is continuously improving, and that they are able to give their feedback directly to Trysil RMM.

«This is a good partnership, with a lot of history behind it. The first car we had delivered with pre-marking equipment based on the bumper, from Trysil RMM, was a Mercedes Sprinter. After that, most of our machines have been based on the Mercedes Vito model,» Tranum says.

Statens Vegvesen used this version of the pre-marking machine for many years, and continued to develop the functionality. Tranum says that later on, HSE became of greater importance, resulting in the demand for a product that allowed their drivers to exit the car as few times as possible.

bildet viser en mann foran en bil

Machines that provide flexibility

This ongoing process of feedback and development eventually resulted in the newest version of the pre-marking machine, that is now being delivered to Statens Vegvesen. With this solution, the necessary functionality is controlled from the driver’s cabin, allowing for safe pre-marking using the aiming device, paint guns and high pressure pump to efficiently perform the pre-marking.

«We have grown very loyal to Trysil RMM, because they have a concept that works really well, and they are easy to work with. With their solutions, we can work in negative temperatures, and even with a little rain,» Tranum explains.

In addition to the machines being reliable and safe to operate, Tranum is satisfied with the universal design of the pre-marking machines made by Trysil RMM for Statens Vegvesen. This gives them greater flexibility.

«All our pre-marking machines are the same. This means that if one of our pre-markers are sick, another pre-marker can easily operate their vehicle. This allows someone from Northern Norway to operate the car of someone from Western Norway, and so on,» Tranum details.

Constant growth and development

Tranum also says that he was recently informed that three new pre-marking machines are currently being built for them by Trysil RMM, and they are set to be completed by the summer of next year.

«We have a very good partnership with Trysil RMM. I have been doing this for 33 years now, and it has been very interesting to see their growth and development. I find it fascinating that they are top of the class in what they do, all operated from Nybergsund,» Tranum says.