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Demo tour around the US in a motorhome

For the next weeks and months, Marilyn Saulsbury will spend much time in her converted Mercedes Benz Sprinter. As the American representative for Trysil RMM, she thinks it is only natural that she is present when TrafficPrinter is to be introduced to the American market. And she prefers to travel in her newly purchased motor home.

– In January 2024 I found my home on wheels. A 2006 T1N Mercedes Benz sprinter van that happened to be the winner of Gutted: Season 1. In early February, the adventure began when Goose (the passenger princess and the new Trysil RMM mascot) and I embarked on a 28-hour drive from Minnesota to California to attend ATSSA in San Diego, she wrote in the travelogue recently published on trafficprinter.com.


Flexible tour schedule

Marilyn Saulsbury will soon be back on the road with her Mercedes Sprinter and the demo exemplar of TrafficPrinter. The exact itinerary is not yet finalized, and the local representative of Trysil RMM encourages interested parties to get in touch.

-We are going to start the demo tour in Texas, and will make our next stop in the southeastern United States in April, before moving north. We plan the demo travel route as the tour progresses. Therefore, we encourage people involved in the road marking industry, and who are interested in Trafficprinter, to get in touch and be added to our tour schedule, says Saulsbury, who is looking forward to hitting the road again.

– I feel most connected to myself when I travel. I love exploring unknown places. Few things give me more joy than being able to explore a new place. It has been an absolute blessing to spend so much time doing just that. The RV life has been exciting and lonely and wonderful and just what I needed at this point in my life.


Proud of her work

Marilyn Saulsbury is the daughter of Trysil RMM veteran and part owner Erik Bakken, who has also been central to the development of TrafficPrinter. She finds working with her father and one of his innovations to be “one of many full circle moments in my life”, as she puts it. She still has fond memories of when, as a child, she learned to play her favorite card game in the break room at Trysil RMM.

-Working with my father is something I really never thought I would do. I’m proud of this work, I believe in the product, and I’m passionate about doing a good job here. Nothing about my personal perception of my position here suggests privilege, or getting something without having worked for it. I realize that I fit in here, and I am eager to help the company develop. In most ways, working for Trysil RMM has been extremely exciting, it has helped me explore a different side of the work, allowed me to grow in my career, and best of all, spend a lot more quality time with my dad. I absolutely believe that Trafficprinter has a future in the US market and I will do everything I can to make it successful.


Full of luck

Together with the American partner MRL, Trysil RMM participated for the first time this year as official partners at the large ATSSA fair in San Diego.

-To represent this partnership, we joined MRL on their stand together with the new demo unit. It was exciting to see our vision of partnership become a reality. The brief for this year’s ATSSA was heavily focused on generating interest for the demo tour, with registration forms posted all over the stand. We still have work to be done, but ATSSA provided an excellent starting point to build a database of people across the US who are interested in helping us successfully launch this product.

Based on the information we collected at ATSSA, we have started planning the route for our demo tour, says Marilyn Saulsbury, who is looking forward to hitting the road again soon.

– So far the trip has proved to be full of good luck. I’ve met familiar faces at karaoke bars in Colorado, met friends in unexpected places, and even reconnected with old classmates from Norway. I have read books in countless secluded coffee shops. Cried in awe of the national parks and the opportunity to be present in every moment. And I thank my lucky stars for the opportunity to share this journey with such an intelligent and kind creature as my cat, Goose. Whether it’s spiritual and intellectual deep diving into the self, or physical exploration of the United States, I’ve experienced more than I could have asked for on this trip. And the journey has only just begun!


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